Monday, 13 July 2020

Kaushali Creations: We care...

Kaushali Creations: We care...: I welcome yet another day, a beautiful day! There is so much that we emotionally and financially invest and get ourselves a HOUSE and the...

Kaushali Creations: We care...

Kaushali Creations: We care...: I welcome yet another day, a beautiful day! There is so much that we emotionally and financially invest and get ourselves a HOUSE and the...

Sunday, 12 July 2020

We care...

I welcome yet another day, a beautiful day!

There is so much that we emotionally and financially invest and get ourselves a HOUSE and then the process of making that a HOME is the most memorable and the most cherished journey.

Every little thing in that concrete structure is selected, bought, and placed with a lot of love and all of these reflect a little of what you are. Similarly, when we work on handcrafted and unique requests for various decor or utility items like trays, chests, wall decors and so on, the main point that is kept in mind is the preferences of the person. What they like, what is their style and if its a decor piece then it should go well with the ambiance.

Especially when we craft and curate Name Plates, that are made to order, customized and one of a kind, the persona of the person of the family should reflect in the Name Plate that first catches the eye of the visitor. It is from there the personality of the home starts to show up. And also like it is said, the first impression is the last one, to make it the best one, very keen interest is given to every little detail and could be colors, textures or anything specific that the client is looking for.
No point is left unattended because we are creating the piece of art that depicts the persona of the HOUSE and definitely reflects the people living in it.

I leave you here with a few pictures of some of our handmade, unique, loved nameplates. Do let us know what you think about them.

Will see you soon with another titbit from the work desk of KAUSHALI....!!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

A new step , new beginnings

Hello!! Glad you found me!

I once remember reading a quote “believe you can and you are halfway there”, this is something that kept me going. Something that inspired me to hold on to what I wanted to do, stay determined.

A hobby that was just to keep me occupied during my free time gradually grew and became my passion, yes that became “KAUSHALI”. I hope “KAUSHALI” makes you feel as buoyant and happy as it makes me feel. There is a small history to how we decided this name, even before the go desi (#makeinindia) (#golocal) mood had set in and I was looking to name my new found interest, there were many options I thought of but nothing really felt wow. A friend suggested this name and it portrayed talent, skill and sounded wonderful and cherished, so came the name.

We all love gifts and more so when we receive something that has been made just for us, don’t we? I personally love receiving them as much as I love making them. What began as a small effort to make handmade, unique gifts for friends and family is now growing and reaching out to more people. A moment to thank everyone who trusted “Kaushali” for its exclusive work. It is ecstatic feeling every time something special is handcrafted, made to order, packed and sent, I wish to do more of this and spread more joy.

It is also very special because this baby of mine shares its birthday month (or maybe I should say launch month) with my kiddos!!
Signing off for now!

Will see you again with some more chit chats soon.

Friday, 2 November 2018

A window to memories!!!

Some projects give you a feeling of Déjà vu, like this one is for me!!! 

This little magnetic photo holder is something that i am totally in love with...

Its a very simple yet a very fulfilling project with a little twist. I love to use photographs as souvenirs, what better than a magnetic photo holder. And especially if it can open the doors of mystic memories..Here is how it was made,

Step 1 :The base is sanded and primed .

  Step 2 : A faux pallet is painted using chalk paints

Step 3: I have used Bob and Betty's Roseate paper for this project. I must say I love the finish and the flowers in this set. Just cant get over it!! I have picked out the window portion and fussy cut it along with some roses.While cutting the window I have also cut along the window's inside line in a pattern that the window can be opened.

Step 4 : One portion of the window is adhered with double sided foam tape to give it a raised effect.

Step 5 : The pieces have then been glued using tacky glue. Then a coat of Decoupage glue has been applied.

Step 6 : I have used some stencil script stamp and stamped over the plaque with walnut brown. There are two butterflies that have been stamped and embossed using Copper embossing powder.There is a magnetic strip attached to the rear of the plaque. I have attached a couple of pegs to hold pictures or a note.

Isn't it a very simple yest a very lovely piece to create!!!! Do pour in your views.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

The me space!!

Hello , Namaste !!!

I am indeed feeling great to be blogging in here after a small break or sabbatical if I can call it so!
Here I am presenting a very cute up-cycled project that I loved. I did have my apprehensions as I made it but, voila, an absolutely stunning piece to add light to your cozy corner. 

Its a very simple yet a very satisfying piece of art , I believe.
I have taken fabric,4"by 6.5" (from which the starch has been removed), I have then cut out a freehand stencil from an acrylic sheet.

 I have used maroon and green to color the fabric (these colors compliment my decor).

Once these have dried out i have adhered them on to a same size acrylic sheet using mod podge, i have then enforced the corners of the four pieces using a contrasting fabric tape and also secured them using fabric glue.

This is all assembled on a card board base on to which I have pre-set the LED lighting.I have then decorated this with some glitter and added a small lace using fabric glue to the edges.
                                               This is how it looks with out the lighting.

Here is a view of the stencil work on the fabric!!

Do let me know what do you think about this..

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Wow!!! Wallet!

Hello I am back with another project of mine.

Bags and wallets have always fascinated me and  I happened to collect them all the time…

In this project of mine I have tried to make a beautiful wallet that would match a couple of my attires.

This has been created with the Decoupage papers (from Itsy Bitsy) out of which I have separate the roses.

I have first primed the wallet with gesso (this step can be avoided if the wallet is white and the background suits you well but I personally prefer to use one coat of gesso before starting the Decoupage).
Once the coat has dried up I have placed the cut roses in a desired pattern and adhered that using the decoupage glue.
I have given another coat of the Glue on to the entire wallet.

I have then picked up complimenting colors (chalk paint has been used here) and colored the area that has been left out to complete the wallet.I have added a little tinge of gold along with the colors.

I have then stamped small tendril like images in bronze and gold color.

The next step is the application of the third coat of decoupage glue.

After this I have added small flowers to the clutch and a chipboard ”Beautiful”.
The chip board has been embossed using the gold embossing powder to give it a metallic gold look.

Finally the entire thing is varnished.

Here it's ready to go….

Monday, 4 June 2018

Hand made gift box!!!!

Well who does not love gifts.....and butterflies, flowers, beautiful trinkets.... we all do… don't we.

Taking a cue from origami I have tried to create small keep box.
Femininity is generally associated with the colour pink but I have used my personal favourite the colour blue..
The hero of this particular project is my topper which is based on a chip board I have covered it up over it some pattern paper(this one is from Papericious)

I have added hand made foam wild roses and some small wild flowers.Then there a beautiful butterflies that is ready to fly away…
The flap of the case is held up with a magnetic tape, so it's easy to open it up.
The base is again made with sturdy chip board so these boxes stand strong.

Here it is… a lovely box to hold your favourites..

Do me know what you think about it.

This piece is put in for the Papericious may challenge

Thursday, 24 May 2018

To Life.. with love and hope!

However dark the paths we trail tend to be….. its love and hope that will sail us through the darkest and the toughest patches.

I am a novice to the mixed media form of art and have always wanted to explore it. So that brings me to do my current project.
I am sure a lot of people would agree that art apart from beatification has a message to spread…. 

I have made this piece with the same idea. When the tough, dark times come by it is love of our dear ones and hope that is going to keep us going!!!!

This is a very simple altered frame, I have primed it with gesso there is some textured stenciling done (roses, my favorite).
Added in some chip board pieces to enhance the height. There are some handmade flowers added too.

The hero is my textured chip board that hold two sentiments and fussy cut colorful butterflies.

On to you guys… let me know what you think about it.

Entering the following challenges:

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A steal from Antiquity

Hello to my fellow crafters,
Well this project of mine shows my love for antiques. I have put in all my efforts to justify that some things are just timeless beauties.
In this blog I am not taking you through the detailed making process of the box.
May we now flip through the pages of history???

This is a basic MDF box which has been primed first, textured and then painted.
I have then decoupaged the box with beautiful Roses, again these flowers remind me of timeless beauty. I have embellished with some painted chip-board cut outs.

But what I have extremely loved in this entire project is the heat embossing I did on the corners of the box!! I have just loved the way this one step has enhanced the beauty of the box by folds.

On to you guys.. Do let me know what you think about this.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Spring around the year!!!!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying lets party!!!!!”
Hello to all of you!!! Who doesn’t love a little bit of nature, some pretty flowers around.
With this décor piece I have tried to bring in lovely blooms. This one is for Itsy Bitsy’s challenge. A little bit of texturing, shading loads of flowers make up this project.

So, we begin with cleaning off the base and then priming it with Gesso. The next step is where I have stencilled the grainy texture paste to bring in a brick look.

This is then painted with hues of browns.

I have added decoupaged 3 dimensional butterflies, which of course adds a zing to this piece.
Once this has come together, I have put in a thin coat of water based matt varnish.

Then comes the prettiest part of the project… the beautiful flowers. I have picked up variety of flowers and arranged them on to the ready base. I have glued all of these using a hot gun.

The final add ons to the project are a charm, a chip board cut-out and some crystals. In the end I have sealed the completed piece with clear varnish. (used a spray in this step).

I hope you liked this project of mine. Do drop in your comments.

Kaushali Creations: We care...

Kaushali Creations: We care... : I welcome yet another day, a beautiful day! There is so much that we emotionally and financially invest a...